Monday, September 5, 2016

This Is My Notice!!

I have so much unfinished work sitting in my folder on here... I think I may have lost me somewhere along this new journey I'm on... So here's the deal, Ima work on getting these thoughts and stories shared.. For some reason I feel like what I have to say has to be long and drawn out and it doesn't. Stayed tuned, I'm cuttin in!!!! 


Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Have you ever stepped into something and thought WOW what a beautiful blessing and then it almost seems to turn to a nightmare? I have just recently had a trial experience. Started a brand new job.. Got back in the hair game! Was missing it, so I said to myself I needed to walk in it! Now I don't know if you know this about me or not but I'm the type that never meets a stranger. I'm super friendly and if a person doesn't like me it's because I didn't want them to. Simple enough right? So any who... This totally awesome environment that I ended up in was just everything to me until I started to realize that the owner was a bit of a fraud. The first thing that happened was that I found out she was cheating me in pay. Then I noticed she couldn't recognize her own fault. Then I noticed she didn't seem to like the fact that my co-stylists and I got along SUPER well! There is always lots of love and laughs!!! The even crazier part of it all was that rather than her maybe saying something to me she started to nit pick everything I did, from my shoe choice to how I spoke... I don't want to get too deep into everything that went on because I'm learning to be mindful of my tongue. The moral of what I'm trying to say is that I thought God sent me to that place as a blessing, but found out it was really a trial on the way to my blessing. I have to thank Ms. Cheryl for holding me up through it all. Now don't get me wrong. It wasn't all bad or wrong cause I gained some very valuable life lessons and some brand new family members! I was sitting here chillin' on this beautiful Sunday and thought I would share!!! Be Blessed!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I had to learn how to be grateful!!!

Yes, I said I had to learn to be grateful! I grew up a brat! My grandmother used to call me "Poor Little Rich Girl"... I acted like I was entitled to all the everythings that I had! Lookin back on my childhood I wish I had been more grateful or that at the very least I learned to be grateful a hell of a lot sooner than I had. Being grateful is more than saying thank you, it's an action you have to actually mean! Meaning that once you've accepted any gift (not necessarily material) you are appreciative and not on your way to talk trash about it. You've actually absorbed it and ready to process what's been given, in a positive manner. Boy have I grown. This hit me like a ton of bricks!! Me being ungrateful goes back so far it's almost like insanity to me! When I was married I was never grateful, I was a brat the entire time. If it wasn't my way then it was def a problem. Even when he was trying by giving me things, I was ungrateful... I acted as if he owed me those things or like he better had, or that's what he was supposed to do. I could probably count on 1 hand how many times I actually deserved his generosity in the 10 years we were together. That's terrible! But with growth and getting to know oneself all these things should materialize and the only time you should be ashamed is if ya old ass is still walkin around ungrateful then a *bleep*! I attribute a lot of the obstacles in my life to not having been grateful. In order to be grateful you also have to be appreciative and humble and up until maybe about a year ago I was none of that!!! I took most everybody/everything for granted. My level of self entitlement was off the chain! I was in an unbreakable bubble, or so I thought! God put some wheels in motion and placed people in my life that literally broke me down to my break pads. I hate to say it, but He had to remind me who He is. I was selfish. I couldn't believe it. The saddest part was that I had no idea that I was so ungrateful. And what's even sadder is that during my journey of being stripped and rebuilt I realized that there had been so many subtle and sometimes not so subtle warnings. I say to myself, how stupid could one person be. It's so easy, cause doing the wrong thing is so damn easy! I'm laughing right now because I sat down to write this last night after a cocktail and what I wrote was less than motivating. LOL.. It was actually downright IGNANT! When I sat down this afternoon to complete my masterpiece it was gone! I guess the most high had other plans for this message because when I opened it there was nothing here but the title and a blank page. I guess the message is simply that it's never too late to start again. Choose what's right, no matter how hard it may be because the reward will be so great! Learning to be grateful is a gift that I couldn't have been happier to accept!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Relationships... Could you be "kept"?

Hey all... I haven't had much to say by way of relationships in a while, mainly because everyone and everything is so different these days. Things evolve and views change. It becomes a "to each his own" situation. We spoke some about this on The Wine Down and my basic opinion is whatever it is you choose to be, make sure that your doing it because it makes you happy... not because you want to please whomever you're with. It needs to be a win win or else you're losing... #thatisall 
     With that being said, I'd like to touch on a specific kind of relationship. How do you all feel about being "kept"? When I say this I mean, being in a relationship that's basically a business arrangement. You trade sex and company for financial gain. The older I get the more I start to be aware of what goes on around me and the reality is, there a lot of kept people in this world... and it's not just women being kept either if that's what your thinking! I always say that I base everything I'm doin and sayin off real life, cause I do... It's either my life or someone I know. I have been blessed with a great set of friends that come from all walks and have been involved in many things and are very honest about their experiences! And this is both male and female, there are suga mommas out there too. So I guess I'm back to my original question.. How would you feel about it? Would it be worth it to you? Do you think you could do it without your emotions becoming involved? It's easy to say "Hell Yeah" but once placed into the situation of basically being a persons play thing, could you handle it?? As humans there are basic affections that are required.. scratch that, a necessity. Could you go without them for money?? The consensus was a mixed bag. What I got from it was that at certain stages in your life somethings are just ok for the time being. Eventually you grow and move on.... So, could you be kept??

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Black History a joke or nah???

This year I feel like Black History has been a joke. All those "first n*gga to" pix have really got me feeling some type of damn way! Then Nicki Minaj's dumbass releases her album cover and she uses an historical picture of Malcolm X with the title "Lookin A** *igga"... REALLY!!! I'm so flippin disgusted! And I've already touched on Zimmerman's simple antics... Then the verdict in the trial of Michael Dunn oh and then I read yesterday that yet another brown face baby has been shot by a white man while playing outside!!! And all of this going on during a time when we are supposed to be being celebrated as a people! We only get 28 days to celebrate the pioneers that paved the way for not just us, but everybody, to have the smallest of luxuries! Someone actually said to me "I think we should do away with Black History Month, look at what a joke it's become!" I was also told that I should lighten up because it's not that serious! Guess what folks... IT IS THAT SERIOUS! You can't make a mockery of yourself and then demand respect when it suits you! I was raised to be proud of who I am and where I came from. History and heritage are very important and we should be teaching the upcoming youth how to be proud, not to lighten up and make fun! It's all fun and games 'til it happens to you. What if you woke up one morning to find that someone had put one of those ignant ass posts up with a picture of your great-grandmother or someone important to you, would it still be funny??? Or how funny is it that the man who owns the company and all publishing and copyrights to said photos is a white man? We gotsta do better! February is supposed to be a month of pride, how dare you make it into a joke!!?

Monday, February 3, 2014

George Zimmerman... AGAIN!!

Once again Zimmerman has found a way to make himself relevant and make fools out of black people. I completely understand why one would want to whoop his ass, but this attention is giving him power he doesn't deserve! He murdered one of our children in cold blood, and rather than ignoring his antics we help build this animal. When will this madness end? There's always someone in the back hollering BLACK PRIDE and that's the same idiot who wants to jump in the ring and lay hands on the devil. Wake up people, this is a gimmick!! Why support a man who not only hates us, but got away with the murder of one of us!! This situation truly makes me sick and I just wanted to speak on it!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Females these days

What in the name of home training is wrong with the female species these days... Why do you heifas think that its ok to not be able to cook, clean, or carry a conversation?? I have a news flash for you... the fellas are definitely checking for the ladies with their stuff together! I mean seriously, just think about it for a second. If you don't want a dude who ain't sh*t, what makes you think he want a chick who ain't sh*t?? He may watch you twerk, he may hang out, but a man knows whether or not he wants to be with you right from the start and if you're only doing what every other female he knows is doing, he's gonna treat you accordingly! I guess this could be counted as some sort of PSA because the rate of females out here making asses out of themselves is astounding! I probably don't need to say anymore but I'm gonna! It's necessary to know how to do more than roll a blunt. If you want to be on his arm then you better be able to lady yourself up a bit, be someone he can be proud of... and in this day and age there's a strong possibility that you may not need to remind him of his momma, she's doing what you're doing, so do one better and remind him of his Nana! Yea I said it!